The ODTVision® VRUVoice Response Unit allows for two-way telephone access to your LAN/Server based or IBM iSeriesi5, iSeries, AS/400, System 38 information. In addition, ODTVision® can act as a standalone, fully functional, TelephonyThe use of equipment to provide voice communication, services and information over distances. system. Every touch-tone phone can become an interface with your company. Access to data found in database on your LAN/Server/Host base systems or to application screens found.


Provide Information & Service to Your Customers

The ODTVision® VRU gives you the ability to greatly enhance your ability to provide information and service to your customers, employees and vendors. This can be done any time of the day, any day of the week without an increase in payroll expense. In fact, you may be able to reduce your payroll expense through using this revolutionary new product. Information and services, on demand, through voice, fax or e-mail!

Standards Compliant Hardware

All of the technology in the ODTVision® VRU system is based on industry standard telephony hardware manufactured by Dialogic (an Intel Company). There are no "proprietary" parts used in our systems. The ODTVision® VRU system is a complete standalone solution, which attaches to your iSeries or LAN systems through industry standard protocols. Regular analog phones, digital phones and most PBXA telephone exchange that serves a particular business
or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or
telephone company operates for many businesses or
for the general public
systems can attach seamlessly to the ODTVision® VRU system.

Seamless Connectivity

Most telephony systems do not allow for direct connectivity to the IBM iSeries or your LAN system in real time. With the ODTVision® VRU system, not only is it a reality, but it requires no modifications to your existing programs. In addition, the ODTVision® VRU system can run as a standalone unit for offline applictionas such as voice mail, remote order entry, polling or other similar applications. Input, output and update funtions are all available with industry standard databases.Including, but not limited to Microsoft Access, SQL server,
Oracle, Paradox, FoxPro, and DBase.

Other Options

  • Language -The ODTVision® VRU system supports multiple languages which can be selected at the beginning of the call. Up to 10 different concurrent languages such as English and Spanish can be used concurrently.
  • Text to Speech allows information from your screen or data to be translated and spoken back in a audible format to the caller
  • E-mail & Fax using optional hardware or software modules are available to further enhance your application requirements

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