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We provide a customized IVR solution to you and your customers. Our partner programs range from a simple referral system all the way up to a custom system (with your logo and name) that can be marketed by you to your customers. Contact us to learn how, with no increase in payroll, you can create a new profit center for your business.


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IBM Server Proven    IBM e-Server

IBM ServerProven helps you easily identify a business application that has been validated on IBM e-Server systems. Solutions that are ServerProven represent applications that have been enabled for IBM e-Server and have been verified through a customer experience to be installed and running in a customer location. ODTVision® is an IBM ServerProven tool for the iSeries, i5, and AS/400. Click here for more information.

Businesses use Curbstone software to process payment transactions and to connect IBM i5/iSeries AS/400 midrange systems to the rest of the computing world. Curbstone is a software sales and support organization, specializing in customizable payment processing software for any merchant, with any transaction volume, in any sales environment. Curbstone is an IBM Advanced Business Partner. Click here for more information.


Cepstral provides speech technologies and services for the spoken delivery of information. Cepstral builds high quality, natural sounding voices for server, desktop, and hand-held applications. Professional services to customize and tune voices are also available. Cepstral: We Build Voices™. Click here for more information.

Global Solution Directory

Since 1977, our mission has been to provide full-service computer solutions to America's credit unions. Our customers rank us Number 1 for our personalized attention to each credit union's individual needs. Our Web-based software solution serves credit unions of all sizes - from 100 to 100,000 members. Click here for more information.

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CAPS 20/20 …develop claims payment software… to meet their specific needs.

Since our inception in 1978, Gregory L. Seelenbinder and Associates’ (GLSA) goal has been to develop claims payment software in conjunction with third party administrators (TPAs) and employers across the country to meet their specific needs. The resulting software is "soft coded" as much as possible, allowing these users to make parameter changes that don’t require the services of a programming staff. Click here for more information.

Search400.com is the leading online resource for more than 150,000 enterprise IT professionals who seek information on the latest iSeries technologies and issues so they can make decisions, research products and set strategies. The site provides original news stories, expert advise, and interactive features for the iSeries community, and is the largest online source of iSeries e-newsletters, white papers and Webcasts. Click here for more information.

ODT Vision from Vision Voice Vantage

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IBM Service Partner   IBM Service Partner

IBM Service Partner